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    Three factors about your organization determine whether Identity Managed LLC can have a positive impact on your bottom line: Size, Turnover and Regulation.
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    9-time Microsoft MVP, author of FIM Best Practices, well designed business processes.
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    Automate management of user accounts and distribution lists, self-service password reset, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA).
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    • David Lundell, MVP — 9th time — now Directory Services

      July 1, 2015 -- 9 years straight Microsoft has given me the Microsoft MVP  award, only now it is with a twist -- Microsoft merged the Identity Management and Directory Services award categories into Directory Services. Click here for the list of MVPs focused on Identity Management. Microsoft MVP is not a certification, it is an award for contributions to the community. I feel very honored to receive this award once again. Check out my MVP profile. "MVPs are exceptional community leaders who actively …

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    • David Lundell, MVP award for the 8th time

      On July 1, 2014 I received notification that I was awarded the Microsoft MVP in Identity Management for the 8th year in a row. As of Sept 14th 2014, I am one of 11 MVPs for Forefront Identity Manager worldwide. Microsoft MVP is not a certification, it is an award for contributions to the community. I feel very honored to receive this award once again. Check out my MVP profile. "MVPs are exceptional community leaders who actively share their high-quality, real-world deep technical expertise with the c…

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    • David Lundell and everyone at Identity Managed are top notch. David and team are the only people that I allow to touch my FIM environment. They have completed some major projects for us on time and on budget. They always make sure the projects end with our complete satisfaction. I recommend %100. Just don’t ask for Joe, I want him on all my projects.

      Bill Massey, Manager, IS Security Administration at HealthCare Partners
    • David is an outstanding IT professional. His technical expertise and leadership has been a critical component to the growth of the company. David has always been a diamond in mentoring and training with the willingness to share his vast knowledge and experience with anyone. Any organization or individual will only become better as a result.

      Chris Calderon, Senior Consultant II, Secure Azure Infrastructure at Microsoft
    • Sunday’s ramp-up to DEC 2008 was a pre-conference workshop on Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2 beta [now FIM/MIM], Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM), Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Active Directory Rights Management Service (ADRMS).  It was a hands-on lab experience given by David Lundell … who did a brilliant job putting it together.

      Felix Gaehtgens, Senior Industry Analyst, Kuppinger Cole
    • I just finished reading a whitepaper by Brad Turner and David Lundell … these people know “ILM 2” [FIM/MIM] intimately well … I publically commend [them].

      Thank you for adding value to “ILM 2” [FIM/MIM]!

      Joe Schulman, Microsoft, Program Manager, ILM (FIM/MIM)
    • Dave Lundell, a DEC veteran and one of the most knowledgeable sources on ILM [FIM/MIM] that I have met to date, presented [on] ILM “2” [FIM/MIM]… [Joe Zamora] has written several custom workflows and contributed them via the Codeplex web site in order to get around some current limitations in ILM 2 [the beta of FIM/MIM]. Those guys continue to amaze me.

      Felix Gahtgens, Senior Industry Analyst, Kuppinger Cole regarding TEC 2009
    • I would like to thank [David Lundell, Joe Zamora and …] for [publishing] a wonderful white paper on how to write custom Windows Workflow Foundation activities for the [FIM] product, … my comments were , and I quote, ‘This is awesome!’

      Mark Gabarra | Microsoft | Software Design Engineer – Identity Lifecycle Manager (FIM/MIM)
    • Having worked alongside Joe for over a year I can fully support his work ethic and ability. He is a true SME and knows his subject matter back to front. Ideal candidate for anyone looking to bring Joe on-board. He’s a team player with boundless capability.

      Neil Poultney, Director at NDP Consultancy LTD
    • David was able to apply his deep business and marketing acumen to increase the effectiveness and profitability of our Identity practice. David was also able to draw on his detailed technical background to act as leader and mentor to a team of technical individuals while drawing out their unique talents to work together and communicate effectively. David has been able to create a workplace rich in technical excellence which fosters respect and growth amongst the team. It has been a pleasure working with David in the past and I look forward to future chances to collaborate.

      Brad Turner, Principal Engineering Services Manager at Microsoft
    • David’s knowledge of SQL database systems and Identity Lifetime Manager is spectacular. His performance in envisioning and architecting Identity Management solutions is excellent and well directed. He is a gifted instructor, mentor and communicator. David’s speaking skills inform participant understanding and engagement with the complex technologies he has mastered. He possesses clear forethought regarding client needs. David is always willing to assist, participate in feedback on lessons learned, and step up to lead in new challenges. I highly endorse his work and his professional and personable style.

      Todd Kliewer, Owner at Springs Computing
    • David is exactly what you would expect from a known MVP in the FIM community. His vast experience across identity, directory, and [many other] technologies are consistently key factors to the success of any project he is on. It was a pleasure and privilege to work with David on such projects, and would recommend with the utmost confidence.

      Jose Garza, Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft
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      “MVPs are exceptional community leaders who actively share their high-quality, real-world deep technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.”

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