About us

  • Identity Managed LLC’s award winning consultants implement software from Microsoft and other leading vendors to use existing data sources (such as Payroll) to automatically create and manage user accounts, distribution lists and security groups; to enable employees to reset their own forgotten passwords; and provide single sign-on (SSO) to reduce the number of passwords people need to remember and retype. These Identity Management projects help their large employers save money, improve compliance, and securely harness the cloud. Identity Managed LLC literally wrote the book on Microsoft’s Identity Management software.

    Identity Managed LLC was founded in 2014 by David Lundell (12-time Microsoft Identity Management MVP 2007-2019, author of FIM Best Practices Volume 1, 20+ year IT veteran, 10+ years in Identity Management) to be able to provide top notch Identity Management Consulting for clients.

    In 2015 Joe Zamora (author of the first whitepaper on how to create custom workflows with FIM/MIM, MCTS: Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager, and noted presenter at The Experts Conference) joined Identity Managed.

    • David Lundell, 11-time MVP

      “MVPs are exceptional community leaders who actively share their high-quality, real-world deep technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.”

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    • We wrote the book on FIM

      FIM R2 Best Practices Volume 1

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    • Better business processes

      We have put our business education and experience to work thinking long and hard on the best ways to run a consulting business so that you get the best results on time and at the right price. Read how we mapped out our processes and use Accelo to automate many of them.

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