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    • Wanted: Up and coming Cyber Security Professionals June 18, 2020
      Cyber Security -- Identity Management Implementer Secure your identities against the dangers of the Cyber World, automate the repetitive, and empower your users! Let's Shut the front door on the most obvious  vector for Cyber-attacks Reduce the IT department's compliance burden (SOX, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, ISO etc). Free IT people to do tasks that require […]
    • MIM Portal Groups whose displayedOwner isn't among the Owners October 30, 2019
      In the MIM Portal it will create issues if you have a group whose displayedOwner isn't among the objects in the multivalued reference attribute Owner. Querying this through XPath is just about impossible so here is the SQL query to do it.SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL READ UNCOMMITTEDGO​USE FIMService​GO​​SELECT DOwn.*FROM (​SELECT groupObjID = G.[objectID]      […]
    • Latency vs the Cloud January 24, 2019
      "The cloud is so fast! We can spin up servers and services so quickly to extend our environment and then all the users across the globe can access these services, so why does it take so long for you to get our users into the cloud?"(Latency) x (# of Round Trips)Most CLoud Identity Management APIs […]
    • MIM Open Source Schedulers December 18, 2018
      Your MIM installation is in, the config is done, programming all set and now to automate the running of the Management Agents.Options? Most people use Windows Task Scheduler with a PowerShell script or VBScript -- which works but can get cumbersome to maintain. With my SQL Server background, I often use SQL Server Agent Jobs […]
    • How to Be an MVP in Life -- Launching Nov 27th November 22, 2018
      We are launching my new book, “How to Be an MVP in Life: Lessons in Living and Leadership from Sports & Tech MVPs” on November 27th. It is available now for Pre-order at Amazon.Featuring an interview with the 2016 World Series MVP, Ben Zobrist, stories about 2-time Pro-Sports MVPs: Steve Nash, Dale Murphy, Steve Young […]
    • Missing the old Directory Experts Conference? Try HIP! October 8, 2018
      On Monday, Nov 5th, and Tuesday the 6th I will be attending and speaking at the Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Conference in NYC. On Monday at 4 PM I will be giving an updated version of Top Lessons Learned from Disasters in Identity Management as well as a sneak peek of my new book, How to […]
    • 12 time MVP writes book on MVPs July 4, 2018
      Soon I will be adding the 2018-2019 ring onto this trophy. This makes 12 times starting back in 2007.The MVP program means a lot to me. So I have written a book about MVPs in both tech and sports. It will be coming out soon. I could use your help with the title.Thanks,David
    • European Identity Conference 2018 - Wednesday May 17, 2018
      Jet lag and other issues caught up with me the next day (Tuesday) and I didn't attend any sessions :(One thing I love is that most presentations including keynotes are only 20 min long so even when we get a terrible one -- we know it will be over soon. But most of the sessions […]
    • European Identity Conference 2018 -- Overview and Mon Night May 17, 2018
      I have spent this week in Munich Germany, where it has been mostly cloudy, lots of rain, and a little thunder.I have seen a number of familiar faces to those who attended Directory Experts conference: Pamela Dingle, Alex Simons, Alex Weinert, Jackson Shaw, Jonathan Sander, Kim Cameron, and others. Also a lot of faces familiar […]
    • MIM Join and spaces May 5, 2018
      Working on a customer's lab and look what I found. They had created (through some other process) two user accounts for the same user, and the samAccountName was nearly identical, just a space, ascii 32, appended to the end of one of the samAccountNames differentiates the two. Apparently, AD allows this.The account with the space was […]
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    • MIMWAL Generate Unique Value workflow activity & simultaneous activities on the same object April 10, 2021
      Has anyone noticed that running simultaneous (yet distinct) "Generate Unique Value" activities (in two separate workflows) on the same object causes the UniquenessKey to be updated on one of them?  For example, if I try to generate an AccountName and an Email for Luke Landlubber at the same time, in two distinct, parallel workflows, the […]
    • Client-side fix: Cisco AnyConnect reconnects every few minutes April 14, 2020
      TL;DR If Cisco AnyConnect is disconnecting, reconnecting every few minutes, try blocking UDP in/out ports for the vpnagent executable/service. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client version 4.7.04056 This one drove me nuts for the longest time until I found time to dedicate to troubleshooting it myself. Symptoms were that my AnyConnect client had been disconnecting, reconnecting […]
    • Database upgrade failure FIM 2010 R2 4.1.3766.0 to MIM 2016 RTM (4.3.1935.0) December 23, 2018
      Johnny-come-lately here. I ran into the same problem that others have while upgrading from FIM to MIM. You can find the references below; they refer to a download for a Microsoft.IdentityManagement.DatabaseUpgrade.exe.config file. However, I couldn't find a link to actually download the file, so I did a bit of forensics and compared the config file […]
    • CodePlex says "Bye Felicia" April 4, 2017
      If you've visited CodePlex recently, you may have noticed a message at the top that reads:CodePlex is shutting down. Read about the shutdown plan, including archive and migration information, on Brian Harry's blog.Here's a summary of the timeline, according to the link above: March 31, 2017 Announcement of shutdown and disabled ability to create new CodePlex projects. […]
    • Function evaluator custom expression escape double quote January 4, 2017
      Curiously, there's no need to escape double quotes inside custom expressions!ReplaceString(    [//WorkflowData/XMLEncoded],    """,    """)