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    • Christmastime FIM/MIM Open Source WF Reviews December 24, 2016
      Over the years since FIM was first beta'd as ILM2 we have seen some cool workflows be released to open source. This is my review of the workflows I can find that are open source. First let me salute everyone who has contributed to the FIM and MIM community with these big undertakings. That said […]
    • MIM 2016 SP1 -- Implications October 19, 2016
      Earlier this month Microsoft released MIM 2016 SP1But what does this mean for you?Biggest ImplicationsExchange Online (Office365) for the MIM Service without losing the ability to approve requests from within Outlook, and the requesting of groups within Outlook.Since lots of orgs are using Office 365 no more embarrassing conversations about these great features you can't have.Support […]
    • Post Migration Your MIM/FIM Attribute Flow Precedence is Incorrect October 18, 2016
      Have you ever found out that attribute flow precedence is messed up, wrong or otherwise in error just after you followed the steps to migrate your MIM/FIM configuration from Dev to Prod or vice-versa? Well I am finally blogging about a discovery I made. The list of steps (reproduced below from the above link) are […]
    • SharePoint MA -- avoid the noise June 29, 2016
      In using the SharePoint MA from Steve Kean I noticed that some of the fields I imported were coming in with some extra noise or crap at the beginning:String;#164All I really wanted was the 164. While I can use the Word function in a sync rule to get past itWord(strAttribute,2,"2") I really would prefer to bypass […]
    • Check your inputs -- Save your job! February 6, 2016
      At various times in my 10 years of Identity Management Consulting and 25 years working in the IT industry I have been asked to clean up various messes generated by those before me. Some of those messes involved disk failure or other issues that couldn't be completely prevented. But some involved automated process that didn't […]
    • FIM Custom Expressions inside Custom Expressions? November 9, 2015
      Recently, I needed to take Longitude and Latitude data that was given to me in the following format and break it into its individual components and then flow it out to AD. Let's suppose the data looks like this: "Point -10.1223 45.945" I could just use the Left and Right functions to get out the […]
    • How many attributes can you have in the Metaverse? August 6, 2015
      Back in 2013 I published 5 posts about the Secrets of the Metaverse:The third post was about how many attributes you can have in the Metaverse in which I said that the mms_metaverse_lineageguid table limits us to 502 single valued non-reference attributes in the Metaverse. This is still correct but a client told me of a […]
    • MIM 2016 is now available August 4, 2015
      MIM 2016 is now availableMIM -- Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 builds on and replaces Microsoft's Forefront Identity Manager 2010 R2.On Microsoft's site they include an introductory (2 min) video about Hybrid Identity but don't mistake that for the MIM UI.So has anything been removed?No. While the list of deprecated features are still deprecated none of them […]
    • Still an MVP but now DS MVP July 2, 2015
      I have been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for a 9th time. I started off as an MIIS MVP (even though ILM had been released 4 months previous). Then I became an ILM MVP in 2008, then in 2010 it was FIM MVP (or was that 2011). Now with FIM changing to MIM and […]
    • Big Data needs Identity in order to Act May 28, 2015
      At the 2015 Identity Summit Scott McNeely declared "Big data without Identity is not actionable" Let's discuss. Pulling from Information Week and IBM the Top 6 use cases of Big Data are: 1. Big Data Exploration 2. 360 degree view of customer 3. Information Security and Intelligence 4. Operation Analysis of data from Internet of […]
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    • Function evaluator custom expression escape double quote January 4, 2017
      Curiously, there's no need to escape double quotes inside custom expressions!ReplaceString(    [//WorkflowData/XMLEncoded],    """,    """)
    • Unable To Create New WorkflowInstance For WorkflowDefinition August 30, 2016
      I discovered another variant that causes the titular error message.  I was copying the FIM policy config from one data source to another, and that meant making copies of a couple activities within the same workflow.  After some troubleshooting and head-scratching, I realized that FIM was choking on the duplicate activity names (see highlights below). […]
    • FIM Powershell Module: Remove/unset/clear a single-valued reference attribute June 13, 2016
      In the latest version of the FIM Powershell Module (2016-05-18), in order to remove/unset/clear a single-valued reference attribute, you're supposed to do this:New-FimImportChange -Operation 'Replace' -AttributeName "Manager"Note that you just don't supply the -AttributeValue paramter.  However, in my script, I don't want to perform the extra step of checking whether my value is present; so I'd like to do this:New-FimImportChange -Operation 'Replace' -AttributeName "Manager" -AttributeValue "$newManager"In order […]
    • MIM metaverse SQL query - manager contributing MA March 23, 2016
      This is a sequel (no pun intended) to my old post, FIM metaverse SQL query - employeeID contributing MA.  Since 'manager' is a reference attribute, you need a slightly different query than for scalar attributes.set transaction isolation level read uncommittedSELECT TOP 1000       mv.object_type       ,mv.accountName       ,mv.domain       ,l.attribute_name       ,ma_mgr.ma_name as [manager MA]FROM [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_mv_link] ljoin [FIMSynchronizationService].dbo.mms_metaverse mvon l.object_id = mv.object_idleft join [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_lineage_cross_reference] cr_mgron cr_mgr.lineage_id = l.lineage_idleft join [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_management_agent] ma_mgron ma_mgr.ma_id = cr_mgr.ma_idwhere object_type = 'person'and l.attribute_name = 'manager'
    • ReplaceGuids.ps1 March 2, 2016
      I was looking for a way to replace all GUIDs in a Visual Studio solution, so I took the answer to this StackOverflow question (Replacing all GUIDs in a file with new GUIDs from the command line) and extended it so that the script keeps track of GUIDs that are referenced across multiple files. An […]