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    • Missing the old Directory Experts Conference? Try HIP! October 8, 2018
      On Monday, Nov 5th, and Tuesday the 6th I will be attending and speaking at the Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Conference in NYC. On Monday at 4 PM I will be giving an updated version of Top Lessons Learned from Disasters in Identity Management as well as a sneak peek of my new book, How to […]
    • 12 time MVP writes book on MVPs July 4, 2018
      Soon I will be adding the 2018-2019 ring onto this trophy. This makes 12 times starting back in 2007.The MVP program means a lot to me. So I have written a book about MVPs in both tech and sports. It will be coming out soon. I could use your help with the title.Thanks,David
    • European Identity Conference 2018 - Wednesday May 17, 2018
      Jet lag and other issues caught up with me the next day (Tuesday) and I didn't attend any sessions :(One thing I love is that most presentations including keynotes are only 20 min long so even when we get a terrible one -- we know it will be over soon. But most of the sessions […]
    • European Identity Conference 2018 -- Overview and Mon Night May 17, 2018
      I have spent this week in Munich Germany, where it has been mostly cloudy, lots of rain, and a little thunder.I have seen a number of familiar faces to those who attended Directory Experts conference: Pamela Dingle, Alex Simons, Alex Weinert, Jackson Shaw, Jonathan Sander, Kim Cameron, and others. Also a lot of faces familiar […]
    • MIM Join and spaces May 5, 2018
      Working on a customer's lab and look what I found. They had created (through some other process) two user accounts for the same user, and the samAccountName was nearly identical, just a space, ascii 32, appended to the end of one of the samAccountNames differentiates the two. Apparently, AD allows this.The account with the space was […]
    • Top 10 Lessons from Disasters in Identity Management March 30, 2018
      I will speak at Kuppinger Cole's European Identity Conference on Top 10 Lessons from Disasters in Identity Management in May in Munich.With great automation capability comes great responsibility! Come discuss and learn vital lessons gleaned from disasters in Identity Management.So if you would like your disaster story to be considered for inclusion let me know. I would love to […]
    • Identiverse, Cloud Identity Summit March 30, 2018
      Last summer I attended and spoke at the Cloud Identity Summit in Chicago. First big news: it was renamed to Identiverse and 2018 will be in Boston. As a consultant I have limited time to attend conferences and speak. So conferences have to be great. I do love this one, but in the interest of […]
    • To Farm or not to Farm Part 2 March 30, 2018
      In the original To Farm or Not to Farm post I discussed the pros and cons of setting up FIM on a SharePoint farm or using Stand Alone. Well we now have SharePoint 2016 and it isn't possible to install Stand Alone, although you can do a single server farm. Also, absolutely everything is virtualized […]
    • SQL Server Management Studio SQL 2016 March 29, 2018
      So I went to install SQL 2016 on a server (been using it for a while, I get vm's on CloudShare where SQL is preinstallled, so first time installing it for myself) -- no problem. Hey, where is SQL Management Studio (SSMS)? Well it isn't include in the 2.6  GB SQL Server ISO. You have […]
    • SharePoint Foundations 2013 -- Identity Extensions Installation error March 29, 2018
      As you install SharePoint 2013 Foundations pre-reqs if you encounter "Microsoft Identity Extensions Installation error"and then when you install it manually you might encounter"Installation of Microsoft Identity Extensions requires Windows Identity Foundation v1.0 to be installed"Then when you go to install WIF through the Server Manager you realize that it is WIF 3.5 rather than WIF […]
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    • CodePlex says "Bye Felicia" April 4, 2017
      If you've visited CodePlex recently, you may have noticed a message at the top that reads:CodePlex is shutting down. Read about the shutdown plan, including archive and migration information, on Brian Harry's blog.Here's a summary of the timeline, according to the link above: March 31, 2017 Announcement of shutdown and disabled ability to create new CodePlex projects. […]
    • Function evaluator custom expression escape double quote January 4, 2017
      Curiously, there's no need to escape double quotes inside custom expressions!ReplaceString(    [//WorkflowData/XMLEncoded],    """,    """)
    • Unable To Create New WorkflowInstance For WorkflowDefinition August 30, 2016
      I discovered another variant that causes the titular error message.  I was copying the FIM policy config from one data source to another, and that meant making copies of a couple activities within the same workflow.  After some troubleshooting and head-scratching, I realized that FIM was choking on the duplicate activity names (see highlights below). […]
    • FIM Powershell Module: Remove/unset/clear a single-valued reference attribute June 13, 2016
      In the latest version of the FIM Powershell Module (2016-05-18), in order to remove/unset/clear a single-valued reference attribute, you're supposed to do this:New-FimImportChange -Operation 'Replace' -AttributeName "Manager"Note that you just don't supply the -AttributeValue paramter.  However, in my script, I don't want to perform the extra step of checking whether my value is present; so I'd like to do this:New-FimImportChange -Operation 'Replace' -AttributeName "Manager" -AttributeValue "$newManager"In order […]
    • MIM metaverse SQL query - manager contributing MA March 23, 2016
      This is a sequel (no pun intended) to my old post, FIM metaverse SQL query - employeeID contributing MA.  Since 'manager' is a reference attribute, you need a slightly different query than for scalar attributes.set transaction isolation level read uncommittedSELECT TOP 1000       mv.object_type       ,mv.accountName       ,mv.domain       ,l.attribute_name       ,ma_mgr.ma_name as [manager MA]FROM [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_mv_link] ljoin [FIMSynchronizationService].dbo.mms_metaverse mvon l.object_id = mv.object_idleft join [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_lineage_cross_reference] cr_mgron cr_mgr.lineage_id = l.lineage_idleft join [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_management_agent] ma_mgron ma_mgr.ma_id = cr_mgr.ma_idwhere object_type = 'person'and l.attribute_name = 'manager'