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  • Wanted: Up and coming Cyber Security Professionals

    Cyber Security — Identity Management Implementer Secure your identities against the dangers of the Cyber World, automate the repetitive, and empower your users! Let’s Shut the front door on the most obvious  vector for Cyber-attacks Reduce the IT department’s compliance burden (SOX, HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, ISO etc). Free IT people to do tasks that require […]

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  • Missing the old Directory Experts Conference? Try HIP!

    On Monday, Nov 5th, and Tuesday the 6th I will be attending and speaking at the Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Conference in NYC. On Monday at 4 PM I will be giving an updated version of Top Lessons Learned from Disasters in Identity Management as well as a sneak peek of my new book, How to […]

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  • European Identity Conference 2018 – Wednesday

    Jet lag and other issues caught up with me the next day (Tuesday) and I didn’t attend any sessions ­čÖü One thing I love is that most presentations including keynotes are only 20 min long so even when we get a terrible one — we know it will be over soon. But most of the […]

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  • Top 10 Lessons from Disasters in Identity Management

    I will speak at Kuppinger Cole’s European Identity Conference on Top 10 Lessons from Disasters in Identity Management in May in Munich.With great automation capability comes great responsibility! Come discuss and learn vital lessons gleaned from disasters in Identity Management.So if you would like your disaster story to be considered for inclusion let me know. I would love to […]

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  • Identiverse, Cloud Identity Summit

    Last summer I attended and spoke at the Cloud Identity Summit in Chicago. First big news: it was renamed to Identiverse and 2018 will be in Boston. As a consultant I have limited time to attend conferences and speak. So conferences have to be great. I do love this one, but in the interest of […]

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  • Speaking at Cloud Identity Summit 2017

    I am excited to announce that I will be speaking at the  Cloud Identity Summit 2017 in Chicago in June. I will discuss How Identity Management (Employee and Consumer) affects the bottom line.

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  • Is MIM dead? Not yet!

    From time to time I hear people wonder if MIM is dead. Why do people ask? They don’t feel like they have heard a good road map recently They aren’t seeing the improvements they hoped for They aren’t paying attention to the actions of the product group Why do I say it isn’t dead yet? […]

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  • Check your inputs — Save your job!

    At various times in my 10 years of Identity Management Consulting and 25 years working in the IT industry I have been asked to clean up various messes generated by those before me. Some of those messes involved disk failure or other issues that couldn’t be completely prevented. But some involved automated process that didn’t […]

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  • Big Data needs Identity in order to Act

    At the 2015 Identity Summit Scott McNeely declared “Big data without Identity is not actionable” Let’s discuss. Pulling from Information Week and IBM the Top 6 use cases of Big Data are: 1. Big Data Exploration 2. 360 degree view of customer 3. Information Security and Intelligence 4. Operation Analysis of data from Internet of […]

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  • Movie Review of Home — or how IDM could have saved the day.

    Over the weekend I took one of my children to see the new animated film  Homestarring Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez. A group of technically superior but very cowardly aliens, called the Boov flee from their implacable enemy, the Gorgs, and decide to take over Earth, relocating all of the primitive natives […]

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