Your Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016¬†installation is humming along, but will it continue to do so? Are there underlying problems that aren’t being addressed? Problems that could cause it to break? Maybe your environment is starting to run more slowly? Do you know if it is running? Or if it is running but producing errors?

Our MIM Health Check process was created by our founder, David Lundell, author of FIM Best Practices Volume 1.

Health Check:

  • Easy to understand report of MIM healthMIM Sync DB
    • Sync Engine
    • Web Service
    • Portal
  • Clear Recommendations to improve health
  • We will also set up automated maintenance procedures so that MIM can stay in good shape.
    • DB Maintenance
    • Run History Clearing

We also offer a MIM/FIM Best Practices Review that will include a report with findings and recommendations to improve speed, accuracy and long term maintainability, while reducing risk.

We also offer a Customized MIM/FIM Operations Manual so that your staff will know when to do what and how.

Also applies to DirSync, IIFP, MIIS, ILM 2007, and FIM 2010. Does not apply to MIM Certificate Management.